When I first started this website, I gave it the title “Meditationes Sacrae (et monkProfanae),” which, as the title suggested, was a blog intending to be concerned with theology, faith (res sacrae), and the humanities and “Interesting Things” (being things that seem, to me, to be worthy of interest and further investigation) (res profanae).  Now it’s largely about res sacrae, given that I’ve made it largely into a sermon archive in order to allow my parishioners to revisit things I’ve preached and to allow my brother pastors and my bishop to see what I’m saying from the pulpit (their input and constructive criticism helps keep me firmly in the middle of the homiletical road!).  But there are still vestiges of its original intent.  For example, there’s the New Testament Greek section, which needs updating, but has links to resources for learning the language of the Greek Bible.  And there’s the begun but never completed “Audio Gerhard/t Podcast,” which I hope to revisit someday.  When I started it, there were few options for hosting audio productions open to a student with little extra time and even littler financial resources available to him, but now may be that kairos moment to start again.

Happy reading & listening!

Rev. Nils Niemeier
Pastor, Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church
East Setauket, New York

+ The Commemoration of St. Augustine of Hippo +

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