The State of the Blog, 12/12/2015

Hi all,

Things have been busy on my end recently, and I don’t want you to think that this has just become a place for me to re-post things I find interesting (though, of course, that is one of the aims of this site).  I just finished an online course in public speaking that has eaten up a surprising amount of my time, while at the same time, I’ve been working on developing a New Testament Greek curriculum (see the update Greek page for a new worksheet!) while also trying to finish a publication draft with a colleague.  Add to that Thanksgiving travel in the interim, spotty internet, interviews, and Christmas and Advent preparation, and it’s a busy season!

But, I want you to know that new, original(ish) content is on the way.  In the next week or so I hope to record a new chapter from Gerhard and post it over on the AudioGerhard/t Podcast page, with better audio quality than the first one.  I also have two articles for the site underway.  One, following a discussion I heard on the radio between two pastors about Christian responses to gun violence and the right to bear arms, hopes to look at Lutheran responses to the question of whether or not a Christian should bear arms or make use of deadly force (I started it a month ago, but it’s still quite relevant given recent events in the news).  The other looks at the annunciation to the shepherds in Luke 2, specifically at who those shepherds were and why it matters that they received the Good News first out of all people apart from the Holy Family.  I’m not holding myself to a timetable on these what with Advent going on now and Christmas coming, but I want to let you know they’re both on deck.

Anyway, I’m still here, plugging away.  Since tomorrow is Gaudete Sunday, here’s some appropriate music:


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